Integral Consulting



  • Trade parts and components for rolling stock

    We provide the full range of parts and the components for hydraulic and diesel electric locomotives manufactured in Romania, based on your orders. We have a complete database, documentation, and professionals who can provide complete solutions to locomotive retrofitting and modernisation..

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  • Developing software and hardware

    * Software based on Web technologies
    * Software applications and diagnosis
    * Data Processing Systems
    * Automation and electronic equipment
    * Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Research, Design and Technology Development, Implementation and Approval

    * Research, design, technology development, implementation and approval of products and services through projects of national research programs, development, innovation
    * Research and development projects in competitive research programs, development and innovation of the European Union.
    * Development of software systems, applications, databases, automation, services, etc. based on the latest information technology solutions.
    * Optimal design of equipment (hardware).


Business Consulting

Market research and feasibility studies
Advice on :
- engineering studies
- business - development
- feasibility studies
- production - systems
- search business partners / strategic

Studies for choosing the most competitive companies in Romania and / or the EU, as well as optimal solutions for a project approach
Auction Offers
Business Planning
Procurement consultants
Advice on contracts
Development or adaptation of technical documentation
Assistance in all phases of a project
Promotion company, products and services
We have a substantial database that can help grow your business
Mediate the import-export operations
Other activities on request.


Consulting on obtaining funding

Access funding provided by:

- national research programs, development and innovation
- EU-programs
- international financial institutions, foundations, investment funds, corporations, etc..

Advice for raising funds post-accession funding

List of the documents required
- Application Form
- File opinions
- feasibility study
- Business-Plan
- Bank credit-Files
- Feasibility Study
- Marketing Strategies
- Procurement Focus
- Assistance with all project phases
- Implementation



Documents and technical documentation, manuals, instructions, technical certificates,studies

Driver Maintenance Manual for railcars Desiro - Representation Agreementwith Siemens in Romania

Diesel Power Transmissions - Hydraulic - Product VOITH

Driving elements for rail vehicles - Product VOITH

Mechanical components for rail vehicles drive - Product VOITH

Turbo transmission - reverse type L and L 4r4zse 4r4z - Product VOITH

Railway Department. Product Overview - Product VOITH

CDI Projects
Project: Sisteme moderinzare locomotive
Acronim: SIMDLOC

Project: Locomotivă modernizată pentru pasageri